HEINOLA Softwares Oy is a small software company located in Heinola. We are executing the idea of a flexible, place independent software workplace. We offer interesting and challenging work at the top of software development industry in our own projects or subcontracting projects for our clients in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.

Through us you get to go straight to the top as a developer or a tester. The quality of the work needs to be at its best but we are flexible when it comes to the place and amount of the work and we respect your wishes and life situation. There are a limited amount of software development experts in Finland which is why we need everyone. That's why we want to activate experts outside of Helsinki Metropolitan Area and offer them a chance to come work with us or become a subcontractor.

We offer subcontracting to software development projects. We are a competitive alternative for companies for continuous subcontracting or temporary resource shortage.

We are specialized in useful mobile applications that often include a backend system which benefits either private or enterprise users. In addition to developing our own mobile apps we also develop applications for other companies' needs.

We are creating a network in cooperation with Heinola Software Academy, Heinola Elinvoimapalvelut and local educational institutions (LAMK, LUT, KYAMK) which enables us to meet the demand and training needs of software developers in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.

We have experience from the following techniques:

  • Groovy, Grails, Java, Javascript, jQuery, PHP (Web Frameworks)
  • Swift (iOS)
  • Java, Groovy (Android)
  • C, C++, AVRC (Arduino )

If you are already an expert, we have jobs available! Email us your short open application and CV to info@heinolasoftwares.fi.